Computer wise a Lost Year is passing

Bring Back Happiness

The Quagmire of Win11 that was meant to solve all my problems
created new problems that I did not even know existed .
Win11 gets tired , confused – crashes , it is weak and fragile .
I bought Win11 for security in a Scammy WWW world that is not
weak and fragile .
Then iT asks me what I want to do ! , I swear at my com
but I don’t speak to iT !!
How many extra clicks to do the same thing…I stopped counting
the Frustration is Tedious along with the updates that keep crashing .

They released it before they were ready without a plan
and left me to self pick up the pieces !

I really don’t know why millionaires fuck up
.. must be the cocaine .
Boeing jets fall as Palestinians Die !
A mish mash of legacy and liability ,
like creepy “no more forever wars “ Joe
and the jews forever in over Gaza
, after all the trouble in Afghanistan .
All this Automatic Intelligence !
, there is nothing artificial about its Mucking.
I cant believe this is my life .
My stagnation is over , I surrender , I concede Win11 is —- ! .
Cunning options of choice is gift of changing times

Exceptional Exceptions also Occurred on the web site
Gadjet WiFi Wise !
Also just got my cataracts done in Delhi
and Banned from Computering .
Again no Colourfull Flyer will be done this year .
The Catalogue will be updated as soon as all is in
And the Colourfull Flyer done ever after .

Oh and my Registered phone
is in the taxi that took me to the bus station .
I hope to get it back soon , until then my phone no is
07938 08 40 48
…Unless .