I have NOT been DeBanked by sanFtander

Bring Back Happiness

The first I knew about being Frozen
Was Payment declined to Restart my phone plan .
Then Atm cannot , So I called SanFtanda ,
I haven’t got Time and You Already know about the call centre !
I had not replied to Letters sent to my Po box ,
so my account was Frozen !
Until I registered at Company House .. ie Forever !
Frozen except they kept taking their 7.50 fee !

I could not Close it in Branch because they have all been closed .
I could Close it over the phone , I met Criteria
CANNOT , because account is … Frozen .
I sent a hand written postal Closure application form
I explained my Village don’t do photoCopy anymore
, but I could send a snap of my passport by email .
CANNOT SanFtanda don’t do emails anymore either .

This Dysfunctional Stagnation of The British service economy
To The Point it is of no Service at all . With All The Muckers Unaccountably
“Working” From Home (Bibi Stockhome) , is Pandemic !
These little people in “office” make me busy for nothing
This is the productivity problem of broken Britain .
never mind the demise of Professional expertise .

And then in January Hays called , and even though we recognized each other
she insisted on wasting more of my time going through the security check
even though she knew it was I ..She then stated that the account was unfrozen
and I could do what I like with it . Only CANNOT , not in Thailand
it is now closed for security reasons , call the call centre F.O. !
Security check is a neccesary pain I guess .
Poxy as ever .
My Web site was Frozen off line because SanFtanda refused payment
I paid with another card , unfortunately the Ionos Back end is an asshole .
I know it was Over christmas but the Jews were out killing everyday
and Jc was a Jew .
I reported to the FOS But got Censored By FOS for Antisemitistesticalization .
I Am Unaware of any antisemitistical content
Merely A Simple contribution in The Absence of Any Plan At All For Gaza ,
Yes as Illegal Immigrant I worked for Jews , and yes they were Shit .

So at the risk of Perpetual British Confusion the SanFtanda Account runs on
I Still have to wait for the Glasto letters to finalize any certainty .
If in doubt Ask Or REVOLUT
Still on Fatal Reluctance Are We All to believe that this is it !.
I cannot .
Having failed to find an email for SanFtanda
I Joined I HATE SANTANDER FaceBook group
They got a lot of Hatred and it aint antisemitititicallalaism !

These cherry picking spanish fleas bought my account
only because they wanted to profit from the criminal uk mortgage scam .
Government does not like people profiting from its prohibitions
So they make more laws to stop an unbeatable mafia.
Spanish fleas use these laws to debank risk accounts like me
that is why I had to tell them to fuck off
The only thing I Regret is that in this World Today
it pays to be an Asshole .

Also they not so good at arithmetic
serious flaws do exist within SanFtanda

I have NOT been DeBanked by SanTander