History Of Nosepins in India

Joy of India

_During the PandyDandy (DamDemic) I contemplated my past Nose Pin history .
And reviewed the moment I got cheated on that last Indian order ,
and felt obliged to Withdraw the Silver Guarantee for All Curly Indian NosePins !

When the cheating happened Only Testing For Silver And Gold Content
Was Available In The Market Place ,
(Universities And Labs Had Expensive Procedures)
All tests were destructive , I had to give ( loose !) 20-30 whole Pieces 3 Gms !
But I could and did pay more for 2 Gms testing only .
In 2010 Papa purchased a Ficher Metal Testing Machine .
Whilst other Delhi Testers only paid for Gold/Silver Testing
He paid extra for “ALL” Metals including Cu, Zn, Ni, Cd, Mg, Pb ,Fe , Etc.
He also of course charged extra for “ALL” Metals Testing .This fee reduced with time .

My suppliers as usual still thought I was recklessly spending Rupees !
But it meant I could comply with the Eu Nickel directive ,
And safely move into lesser Metals .
So fortunately when the Wanky Bankers crashed our economy in 2013
I was ready to take on German Silver
(promoted as “Wanky Banky-Sounder than a Euro” ) now named White Brass .
along with “pure” Brass , thus maintaining affordable Gem Stone jewellery .

Now was the time to find out what the other 66% was and if any was Nickel ? .
Delhi was very hot 46 + and everybody was tiring .
I Myself unknowingly was suffering from Iron Deficiency
always fatigued , loss of appetite , and cold feet ! .
It took two weeks to get to the testers , some sort of fatal reluctance was going on ,
and first I had to test incoming samples .

Papa is now at home with Cancer ,
Madam assistant is now working The Machine .
She doesn’t like my base metals .. She likes Gold and Silver ! .
Like everyone she can”t understand why I test the back ,hooks and chains
..everything even on cheap jewels . Its hard work ,and I try limit testing to 3 or 4 pieces ,
Because busy jewellers are rushing her to test their Precious samples .
But she did like My last sample (Beautiful !) and willingly tested front/back and chain !
3 weeks in Delhi is long enough , and it was so hot no one was serious ,
so I left 31 samples with her to test slowly whilst I was in Chalal HP .
I thought she had noted I was recording ALL THE METALS of the ALL METALS TEST
having paid extra … but No not so ..
So I quietly took my samples pleased to note some 90% plus silver rates .
Back at the room I then noted she had tested head and post separately
something we never did back then ! , and still now was not on my agenda ! ,
and not on my bill ! , If I was sitting there I would have had to pay for 62 samples !

The embarrassingly amazing result is that the majority of the posts
Never Ever were Silver !
But Amazinglaly Thankfully all but were Nickel free ! ..

Nowadays we care more about the post and then Nickel Free only ..
Oh joy of India Everyday I wheeled through the lanes of Old Delhi
… “ALL” Metals Testing the posts , first selectively , then as the results got
better All of them . At first repeat tests were willingly free , but as it
became apparent I was going to do them all , I agreed to pay half price !



As silver price rose I still had to give 3 Grams even though the
value had trebled ! Indian jewellers thought I was foolish
paying / losing (profit) so much for Nose pins only !
And laughed how once the Testers gave only Chai
and now with biscuit ! For a while i was getting a small
Britannia fruit (glace cherry ) cake
but I hate glace cherry so I went back to biscuit !
I was paying £1 for something that cost £20 in Thailand or £50
in the UK . I spent many Rupees testing but not many Pounds !

I have not tested any Indian Butterfly Back as yet .
The Butterfly Back is always often outsourced
to another company factory .
and in India is famously not Silver .
It is suited to mass production as is the stud post in Thailand.
Any Butterfly Back supplied is as is the White Brass Hook
Serving Suggestion only like the Strawberry on the Cornflake Pack !
Same Same Snake Chain Catches , It”s not the chain makers job !
Any Old Scrap lying around will do , I”ve been there !
I’ve even had 925 Snake Chains HallMarked with Dodgy Catches !

Little Darlings
another Surprise an Average Count of 40 % gave a 925 Silver Head .
Whilst ridiculing me later Sj was testing also more aptly .
I accepted this as I was not yet testing myself
Foolishly believing all but none .
An Adventure later I was in Sydney Uni , selling them as 40 % $6.00
a Deputation of stall holders told me they were Silver and $12.00 .
So who was right and who not me was wrong ?
I also “had” to double the Nosepin Price too .
Welcome to Lucky Country !

Further down the track , the little darlings , I dumped that rate to pay for my Daughters sudden demand for $100 beach cabins
Byron Bay Markets price $ 6 or 3 FOR $ 12 !

But the Glue is still just not so Good , I even took Araldite to India
,before the Liberalization , that is , but the Stones Still fell !
I think its lack of bond due to oxidization.
They are well Loved , and cursed .