I have been DeBanked by SanFuckingTander

I started this business as a penniless Illegal Immigrant
in Australia .. my first po Box !
The nice people at Australia Post were very helpful .
When I returned to Uk the nice people at Her Majesties Royal Mail
very kindly converted my Old stick insect account into
a Business account at Po Box 1705 Glastonbury !
Now I feel like a Whore Bought and sold used and abused
by Nasty Bankers .
Hippies call me a business man
business men call me a hippy .
You don’t need an address to start a business
I grew my business from Youth Hostels
hitch hiking .
Later I started Buses and Trains
Now I am Happy in a Ford transit .
But you do need a Post Office Box and a Bank account .
Artisan Flora will fight for this Right .
Before I was working for shit jews in shit conditions ,
Now I am a self made man .
I have today started registering SanFtander.uk and will go on line soon

Remember when you had to take your own toilet roll to spain
and the toilet was a hole in the ground !
Sanitation might have improved (EU ! )
But the Spanish banks still deal with letters ,faxs , and cheques only !

Sir Nigel Farage

Patron Saint of British Banking