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Bring Back Happiness

Another Year Another Era Over !

Sadly My Wonderful Mother just Died .
PaperWork is going on , and the cat feeds on .
It seems that I am changing to who I am right now
I no longer carry the big Bags

Backpack service is over !.
Carry bag service is running Please .
I am Always happy to See You , but not just yet .
Parcel service starts tomorrow .
Thankyou So Very Much .

I Reordered 22 designs Only 6 have Priced up Because not re-ordered for some Time .
Old Favourites like Bat – Ball , Regulars , Already Run at New Normal Prices .

My Registered phone
is in the taxi that took me to the bus station .
I hope to get it back soon , until then my phone no is


I have NOT been DeBanked by SanFtander
With Perpetual British Confusion the SanFtanda Account runs on
I Still have to wait for the Glasto letters to finalize any certainty .

If in doubt Ask Or REVOLUT

The Quagmire of Win11 has wasted my time and delayed all .
How many extra clicks to do the same thing…I stopped counting
the Frustration is Tedious along with the updates that keep crashing .

PS : Contemplate my past Indian Nose Pin history !
Only Testing For Silver And Gold Content got done ,
I felt obliged to Withdraw the Silver Guarantee for All Curly Indian NosePins !
Now was the time to find out what the other 66% was and if any was Nickel ?
The embarrassingly amazing result is that
The majority of the posts Never Ever were Silver !
But Amazinglaly Thankfully all but were Nickel free ! ..
another Surprise an Average Count of 40 % gave a 925 Silver Head ! .. HISTORY OF NOSEPINS IN INDIA

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